crazy or hopeful

What is a beautiful mind?
This is a question I asked myself after seeing this film.
The beautiful in this movie is both in his mind and in his life.
He creates a world in his mind which contains friendship,resposibility
and career. He believes that there is true friend who will always by his
side.He believes there’s someone who is waiting for him to protect.He
believes he is doing something is worthwile for him to do.
He is living a life, a happy life. He has a wonderful wife, he has a
baby, he is a professor which is honorable.
But when mind fight with life, who will win, it stays uncertain. But he
uses his mind to protect his life. He wants to conquer all the illness,
he wants to be a man who can support the family and protect his wife. So
he is responsible not onlyin his mental world but also in his physical
I admire them ,their love, their faith, their belief.
He is crazy, but he is a lovely madman. He is hopeful believing he can
conquer all the difficulties to create a wonderful family for his wife
just as that night he brings her an umbrellar in the sky using all the
A beautiful mind, whether it is crazy or hopeful ,it brings beautiful
story and beautiful memory